Two weeks at the Garden School

Photos from the last two weeks at the Mill Valley Children’s Garden at Edna Maguire Elementary School. Activities include: Persimmon harvesting, cutting and drying Leaf raking and spreading as mulch on top of garden plot Seed studying and tasting Straw cover on raised beds for warmth and protection Mushroom spore inoculation Advertisements

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Mill Valley Children’s Garden

Today at the Mill Valley Children’s Garden, we ended up spending most of the morning in the kitchen/classroom part of the garden, as well as indoors due to rain. Before the rain started, the third grade class used tall cherry pickers to harvest persimmons off the large tree in the garden. We then transitioned indoors and […]

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Edible Schoolyard: A Universal Idea

Highlighted points from Alice Water’s book Edible Schoolyard: A Universal Idea: City of Berkeley’s public schools rank among the poorest in the United States. “By the time a young girl has finished a delicious meal and returned her table scraps to the garden soil, and gone back to planting and harvesting with her science class, she […]

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Readings & Resources

Farm to School Grants – USDA funds 74 projects in 39 states. The Long Shadow of Childhood Hunger – A new study links food insecurity to poor health and behavior problems. Voices of the Food Chain – Voices of the Food Chain is a project of the Food Chain Workers Alliance and Real Food Media to capture and share […]

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Mill Valley Children’s Garden

Today was my third week volunteering at the Mill Valley Children’s Garden at Edna Maguire School. Started off with the third grade class, where we harvested lettuce mix, rainbow chard sprouts, radishes, and nasturtium flowers that we put into a big salad bowl. The kids helped pick and break apart lettuce, thin the rainbow chard, pull out radishes, […]

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Wheat Wednesday

(Photos of Bayside’s school garden) Today I worked at MLK Bayside Academy in Marin City, the elementary school where the Conscious Kitchen launched their pilot program and the first school in the country to become 100% organic. I met up with Charlie and headed to the school garden, where we were introduced to Elizabeth DeRuff who […]

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Edible Education 101

I have started watching The Edible Schoolyard Project’s seminar videos called Edible Education 101, which is a class that was offered this year at UC Berkeley. Each video lecture features different guest speakers and covers a different topic. The two I have watched so far are “What’s Next for the Food Movement?” with Michael Pollan and […]

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