Food: More than Fuel

I have officially arrived on the Big Island after spending almost two weeks in Maui. Here at the Banyan Tree Sanctuary in Kona, I find myself surrounded by fruit trees and green geckos. I feel so much gratitude for the fresh food I have access to, this fruit is so alive that I can’t help but feeling connected to this land already. A sweet reminder of what real, ripe fruit is supposed to taste like. After breakfast I feel inspired and reflect on the delicious meal.

Through food I hope to gain a deeper understanding of the following things:

-sense of place and sense of identity

-relationship with the land, people, plants, animals, and self

-healing mind and body

-syncing body with the land through the foods that grow from it

-mindfulness and intention with growing and consuming

The food forest at the Banyan Tree Sanctuary is filled with ripe papayas, mangos, lilikoi, figs and bananas. Nothing like eating fruit you just harvested yourself.
First breakfast on the island, nutrient-dense and loaded with tropical fruit and healthy fats.
Dinner in Kona at a local ahi poke joint. Local ahi tuna seasoned in various ways, with fresh seaweed salad and quinoa on the side. Could not have asked for a more complete and satisfying meal.

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