Working the land and letting the land work you…

My body has been feeling pretty overwhelmed these last few days and I’m setting a few new intentions for myself. Obsessing over food fads, trendy diets, “health” products, nutritional information and scientific data is causing my body unnecessary stress, causing it to feel heavy, over-loaded and over-worked.


–Eat FOOD, not products.

–Stop, slow down, breathe, listen, don’t force, don’t over-think.

–Stop adding, piling, and stuffing nutrient-dense “health foods” into my body. Keep it simple.

I came here wondering, searching, and hungry for answers. So focused on what to put in, put in, put in… Now it feels like my body is telling me to shift my thinking- stop putting so much IN, slow down, give your body a break. Right now it feels stuffed, full, inflamed.

I am going to work on treating food and eating as a sacred act that deserves gratitude and mindfulness. An eating meditation: Envision each ingredient in the meal- where did it come from? how did it get to be on my plate? What went into growing it? Harvesting it? Transporting it? Processing it? Selling it?

Chew. Give thanks. Breathe.


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