Queen of the Sun Documentary


Really fascinating documentary that has got me thinking a lot about bees. As humans, I think we have so much to learn from honey bees, who are such selfless and gentle creatures. Bees merely take what they need in order to leave the world a better place; to ensure fertility and beauty, and produce sweet, sacred nectar. With a rhythmic buzz they utilize nature’s gifts and participate in the earth’s transformation of light. When the bee colony is looking for a new home, it sends out messengers to search for a location and report back. When they return, the colony unites and collectively vibrates, heating up until ultimately the hive bursts and breaks apart to begin work. I visualize a community like HIP as a human hive, a collective mind that is communicating and vibrating at a higher frequency. I keep telling myself to start manifesting that model of BEEing in the world.


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