Class Discussion: Monocultures of Mind

“Guard your tongue when you are young to mature a thought that could be use to your people.”

Perhaps the true fall of western society has been our desire to push out various knowledge bases and perspectives, which has led to intellectual and emotional decline and caused us to be less resilient as a culture. We have, over time, pushed aside and disregarded these perspectives, which in turn has weakened us. The first perspective being indigenous knowledge, followed by female/womanly knowledge, followed by elderly knowledge, and finally the knowledge of farmers.

This is evidently clear with nutritional and culinary information, where science and industry have replaced the guidance and wisdom of all four of these groups. Incorporating the perspective of Hawaiian culture is one way for us to become more resilient.

A few key Hawaiian words:

akamai = street smart, aware, “HIP”, knowing –> once you are aware and know what is going on in the world, how could you not do something?

kuleana = responsibility, deep honor or pride –> what is my kuleana?

malama = take care

laulima = to work together, many hands makes light work

kokua = please take care

kapu = sacred

lono = god of rain, agriculture, abundance


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