Preservation vs. Degradation


I have been thinking a lot about “preservation”, various meanings of the word, as the over-arching theme of many of the conversations we have been having. Preservation of food, in the sense that various methods and techniques of preserving food help to store them in ways that preserve or even unleash their nutritional benefits. Then there is preservation in the sense of preserving knowledge and wisdom, particularly ancestral, and indigenous, and along with that the preservation of culture and tradition, the preservation of our ROOTS. And of course preservation in the sense of preserving the land and our connection to mother earth, to nature and the interdependent web of relationships between humans, plants, animals, and all other living things.

I can’t help but think that at this point in our human evolution, perhaps what we need to do is “unlearn” far more than learn new ways of doing things and new ways of being. Instead of chasing after new ways of making things bigger, faster, easier, through scientific discoveries and technological advancements and innovations, we need to return to what has worked. We need to look back on the knowledge and wisdom that kept our ancestors alive for thousands of years, to the libraries of potent information that disappear with every knowledgable elder that dies. So how do we re-incorporate the perspectives we’ve lost?

It comes down to a matter of re-evaluating and weighing out our values. Right now our system is projecting abundance but creating deserts. We are so focused on one perspective, we are too caught up in the object of money, financial growth, and material gain, that we are not looking into the future for the right reasons. We have become a society coated in blindness. We need to become more adaptable, more resilient.


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