Meeting with Charlie from Conscious Kitchen

Today I met with Charlie Ackerly, the program director of The Conscious Kitchen in Sausalito. CK is a program within the larger non-profit Turning Green, that partners with schools to implement food programs based on five foundational terms: fresh, local, organic, seasonal, non-GMO (FLOSN). Turning Green launched CK as a pilot program at Bayside Martin Luther King Jr. Academy, a K-8 public school in the Sausalito Marin City School District. The school’s kitchen now produces more than 300 local, organic, season, and non-GMO breakfasts and lunches every day. CK has expanded to its second site, Willow Creek Academy, forming the first 100% organic and non-GMO school district in the country.

Check out an article here.

 We had a wonderful discussion about the misconceptions that many people have about Bayside MLK and the fact that it is 100% organic. Although MLK is in Marin, it is a Title 1 public school made of up students from Marin city, a low-income and under-served pocket within the county.
Charlie and I spoke a lot about our mutual desire to make these programs accessible and sustainable for communities across the country that have less resources and funding. We both shared similar interests and goals around incorporating in the social justice piece in order to impact youth of all socio-economic backgrounds. At CK they are aiming to branch out to the entire district and then slowly work their way out from there. They have received a lot of feedback and interest from parents all over the country ever since articles came out about the district becoming 100% organic. I expressed my interest in working with her and Judi, who is the executive director of Turning Green, on research projects and office work in order to learn how these projects run, what resources and steps they require and how we can make them a reality for schools and communities that fall all over the socio-economic spectrum. I am really excited to start learning and collaborating with them!

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