Garden School

Here are some photos from my second week working at the Mill Valley Children’s Garden. Each class that visits the garden is split into two groups, so last week I had one group from each class and this week I had the second half of each class. Again, I helped out with a third grade class, fifth grade class and 3 kindergarten classes. We did the same activities and lessons as last week since it was a new batch of kids.

IMG_0501   IMG_0509   IMG_0517   IMG_0518   IMG_0524   IMG_0526   IMG_0529   IMG_0531   IMG_0543   IMG_0545   IMG_0547   IMG_0575   IMG_0581   IMG_0569

Below are some documents from Kristy’s Edible Schoolyard Academy binder that I thought would be good resources to have regarding  policies and standards.

IMG_0552  IMG_0553  IMG_0554  IMG_0555  IMG_0556  IMG_0557  IMG_0558  IMG_0559  IMG_0560

Kristy proposed a little research task for me – find out the health regulations in public schools for certified garden kitchen or allowing children to eat from the garden? She recommended looking at the Farm to School website and Edible Schoolyard.


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